The Sticky Wall
Gary Davis facilitates discussions that resolve issues, build trust, and enable groups to move forward. Gary helps your group effectively resolve a nettlesome issue. He can assist you in planning and carrying out  major strategic planning projects. Gary is used to dealing with conflict. He understands the how to manage conflict when it occurs. He is also equipped to set into motion the process of reconciliation in the wake of serious divisions.

Drawing on his many years of executive experience, Gary also consults with leaders in order to help them successfully solve issues facing their organizations.

Gary uses "the Technology of Participation" (or TOP) that includes the use of a large wall-mounted "sticky wall" on which participants' best ideas are displayed and on which trends emerge. TOP (or Technology of Participation) discussions start with observations about facts and then move through various emotional reactions that such facts produce in participants. TOP facilitation uses analysis in order to produce ambitious, realistic plans, as well as a desire on the part of participants to move forward.
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